Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Insurers accused of not reporting lobbying

Insurers accused of not reporting lobbying

TO:     Alessandro A. Iuppa, Maine Insurance Commissioner

Mr. Iuppa:

A complaint has been filed with your office regarding the behavior described in this article, and I wish to put you on notice that calling the insurers' non-compliance an "oversight" is simply UNACCEPTABLE. I demand that a penalty be imposed. More important, the Insurance Bureau must take specific steps to confirm the non-compliance, issue a reprimand and disseminate these actions in newspapers and other public forums. In reviewing Anthem's Dirigo testimony, I noticed that they are using a lawyer (and, no doubt, his supporting staff of paralegals, etc.) from the most expensive law firm in the state. They seem to have unlimited resources, coming from policyholders' premiums (such as the premiums that my wife and I pay to them each month, even while our son is on Medicaid), and they do not hesitate to use those resources in defense of their own selfish interests. And now we have the executive director of their lobbying group professing innocence. THEY WILL DO WHAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. The question is, are you going to let them? Maine is a small state, sir. If you again avoid taking action, think about that. The next time you see a friendly community activity on your weekend time, think about how, the rest of the week, some of those people are putting it to the others (and raking in salaries, benefits and bonuses).

Richard Wolfe
Cumberland Center


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